Technician change oil in the car engine

Lube & Oil Filter Service

Lube, Oil Filter Service starts at $25 everyday price with Synthetic Blend Motor Oil and a Napa Oil Filter.  We offer Full Synthetic Mobil 1 oil and BG MOA Oil change for higher mileage.  We replace Air Filters, Cabin Air Filters, and  Fuel Filters. 

  • Restored fuel efficiency
  • Better performance
  • Restored power
  • Reduced harmful emissions

Tire & Wheel Alignments

Our alignment machine, tire machine and wheel balancer are  guaranteed to keep your vehicle safe. With the poor condition of Michigan roads, wheel alignments may be knocked out with an easy hit of 1 hole, touch of a curb, or simply a withdraw of alignment from mileage and suspension wear. 

  • Reduced Fuel Usage
  • Better Vehicle Stability
  • Prevents Wear
  • Smoother Driving
screwdriver and car wheel tire
Mechanic with lamp checks car brake hoses


From pad replacement to brake repair (and more), we are able to handle the job. We use the highest quality constraints, shoes & components for superior stopping distance & longer life.

  • More responsive brakes
  • Increased vehicle safety
  • Smoother stopping
  • Quieter brakes

Cooling System

A perfectly working AC provides a comfortable driving experience. It is responsible for controlling the purity, humidity and temperature regardless of the external condition. Over time, the AC might show some warning signs such as unusual noise, blowing hot air and foul smell which reveal the need for air conditioning service. In such circumstances, it is always a good option to bring it in so our experts can take a closer look.

  • Better cooling system function
  • Longer coolant life
  • Increased vehicle performance
  • Less chance of overheating
Car engine